Software Applications

Parking simulator

A piece of software written in Java that simulates the management of a parking lot, keeping count of the number of available places, tracking cars going in and out of the parking lot and computing the amount they have to pay for their stay.

Download source code (728.5 KB)


OpenGossip (team project)

A messenger application written in Java which recognizes and highlights syntax written in a programming language.

Download source code (6.8 MB)



An implementation in Java of the Particle Swarm Optimisation algorithm applied to the problem of Portofolio Optimisation, which is the process of choosing the proportions of various assets to be held in a portfolio. In this approach, cardinality constrained mean-variance model is used.

Download source code (1.2 MB)


Solar System

A visual 3D simulation of a part of our solar system, with planets rotating around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth, written in Java OpenGL.

Download source code (2.9 MB)

If you encounter errors on running the application please check out this hints on my blog.



Taking its name from the famous French cubic painter, Braque is a small drawing application written in Visual C++.

Download source code (2.4 MB)