Timotion Challenged Timisoara To Motion

Timotion 2015 from Alergotura on Vimeo.

The first edition of Timotion was much more than a competition. The organizing association Alergotura succeeded in making out of it a holiday that brought people together filled with joy of life and joy of helping others.

And here are some of the reasons:

Donations, Not Participation Fees

The participation fees were fully donated to an association of the competitor’s choice. There were 14 associations that managed to raise funds for one of their projects for the community thanks to Timotion.

Timotion – An Event For The Entire Family

There were several races from which competitors could chose from, some for more experienced ones, but most of them for beginners. A semi-marathon and a 6km race challenged the runners to test their limits. But the 1km race for beginners, the “fun on wheels” race and the one for babies in strollers and baby-wraps turned this event into one for the entire family.

Enjoying The Run

The route for this race was very well chosen. It started from the most beautiful park in Timisoara, the Roses Park. Running along a marvelous pink corridor made of blooming trees brought the joy of running to each participant from the very start. The path continued on the newly built track for pedestrians and bikers on Bega’s river banks. Even the Spring contributed to this event with a beautiful sunny Saturday morning.

Shiny Happy People Running

More than 1000 competitors took part in this first edition. There was a large age span of the participants, starting with babies a few weeks old and ending with the remarkable 81 years old Gheorghe Mosion, who ran the semi-marathon. A brilliant idea was to offer prizes for the beginners’ races not to the first ones that crossed the finish line, but to ones selected by lot.

All in all there was something really special about this first edition of Timotion, and I hope it will evolve in the next years and it will keep the same spirit of happiness and holiday.