Solutions for Google Maps Pac Man game clues

Google added today a new set of locations where Pac Man can be played in Google Maps on mobile. Here are all the clues and their solutions:


  • Don’t drop the ball on the eve of your victory!

Solution: Times Square, New York

  • Triumph is délicieux.

Solution: Arc de Triomphe, Paris

  • Does a Galaxian bonus await at the top of those 272 steps?

Solution: Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur (go South of it to Giatmara Gombak)

  • Chomp your way to independence down seven lanes of July.

Solution: Plaza de la Republica, Buenos Aires

  • PAC-MAN and Ms. PAC-MAN can’t agree on which side is prettier: the American or the Canadian. Which side do you fall on, eh?

Solution: Niagara Falls, Ontario (search for Delaware Street)

  • After a chat with the Sphinx, PAC-MAN sounds more like “Dokki Dokki”.

Solution: Aman Square, Ad Doqi

  • Pause game play to admire Chagall’s stained glass windows and have a bit of chocolate.

Solution: Fraumünster Church, Zurich

  • Can you score 10^(10^100) points?

Solution: Googleplex, California

  • Whether they’re flashing blue or sporting their natural colors, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde are always kakkoii. Even Vogue agrees they’re living in the trendiest of neighborhoods.

Solution: Shimokitazawa, Tokyo (North from the Kitazawa label, center of the neighborhood)

  • Previous PAC-MAN lives don’t get to rest in a white marble mausoleum.

Solution: Taj Mahal, Agra

  • Head to the valley of the sun and earn your grade in the art of the game.

Solution: Metropolitan Art Institute, Phoenix

  • How well can you navigate the radiating streets of the distrito federal?

Solution: Plaza Del Ejecutivo, Mexico City

  • Victory is like gothic glockenspiel musik to our ears.

Solution: Neues Rathaus, Munich

  • Pay special attention to Blinky – he might blend in with the dreaming red kangaroos!

Solution: Victoria Square, Adelaide

  • You’ll find the Beach PAC-MAN World Cup here before long.

Solution: Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro (Rua Leopoldo Miguez)


  • Your game will sink or zwemmen at this princely canal.

Solution: Prinsengracht, Amsterdam (Westermarkt, Centrum)

  • Tread lightly near the porcelain prang!

Solution: Wat Arun, Bangkok

  • Level up (and up and up and up….)

Solution: Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg

  • Insert (silver) coin to play at a former silver mint or gobble down some sushi.

Solution: Tokyo Shopping Area

  • Careful not to lose PAC-MAN in the ivy walls when you’re enjoying America’s pastime.

Solution: Wrigley Field, Chicago

  • A second life for an ancient center of πολιτικός.

Solution: Acropolis of Athens (North of it, in Roman Agora)

  • Race a Routemaster but don’t expect any students or clowns.

Solution: Oxford Circus, London (a little East from them)

  • Tired of eating Pac-dots? Visit a Résidence Royale to snack on amlou, warqa, or ktefa in the Ochre City.

Solution: Résidence Royale, Marrakech

  • An unfinished game is like an unfinished obra mestra.

Solution: La Sagrada Família, Barcelona

  • Maybe the surrounding hills will help increase PAC-MAN’s longevity.

Solution: The Summer Palace, Beijing

  • Perfect your game by training with the gladiators.

Solution: Colosseum, Rome (Via Marco Aurelio)

  • Use that nuclear physics and engineering degree to cruise through the Gold Coast.

Solution: University of Ghana, Accra

  • A Ms. PAC-MAN of the Золотой Век might have spent her Summers relaxing in the royal Amber Room.

Solution: Catherine Palace, Sankt Petersburg

  • As an added bonus, PAC-MAN might sign up to promote world peace and friendship.

Solution: Peace Corps, Washington DC

  • A phinisi might help you sail to victory through this old kota.

Solution: Kota Tua Jakarta

  • If you’re seeing circles and squares, it might be time to pause and smell the roses.

Solution: Ladd’s Rose Gardens Circle and Squares, Portland

This post will be updated with more solutions for Google Maps Pac Man game clues as soon as the Google support page will be updated with new locations and hints every day.

UPDATE: Google posted the links to all the solutions on their support page. All of these answers proved to be correct! Thanks you, Google for the challenge! Awaiting the next one!

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