Pac Man running in Google Maps

pac-man-google-mapsThis year’s April Fools’ Day surprise from Google Maps brings the famous Pac Man running away from ghosts on the streets of Paris, Bangkok, New York or any other city of your choice.

Google will analyze your map and use the roads to render a level. If the location isn’t suitable for gameplay, Google will let you select a new area, or you can just click “I’m feeling lucky” to be transported to a preselected area.

You can then control your yellow hero/villain with the keyboard and relive your Pac-Man frustration as ghosts chase you around your local streets, or the joyous feeling of reaching a blinking Power Pellet and turning the tables on those dastardly ghosts.

On mobile, things are even more challenging – you have to find the secret places where Pac-Man can be played by following the clues from a Google support page. Only then will you see a Pac-Man button that will allow you to play by swiping in different directions.

Have fun playing!