Banat IT Summer Barbeque

Banat IT Summer BBQ is designed as an ordinary barbeque, but among IT people mainly, but not only. Whether you are an IT savvy or a Junior, a talent or a recruiter, an expert or an enthusiast but share the same passion and/or interest in the IT sector, you are welcome to join us. The event will take place on the 9th of July, at La Capite, starting from 7 PM. There will be burgers, beers, good music and lots of impressive professionals you didn’t have the chance to see for a while or meet yet!

The purpose of the event is to connect people with IT background or focus and thus create a feeling of belonging to a community which is continuously developing in Timisoara and nearby. Banat IT offers full support to the stakeholders in the local IT industry, ranging from IT employees and freelancers, researchers, universities, startups and other affiliated supporting services. This is one of the first events of this kind that can put together all the above mentioned.

More information and ticket booking can be found here.